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(December 31, 1969)

People keep asking me to start a blog (web log, a periodic posting of news and views) on the Virtual Guidebooks site. So here it is! My blog posts will appear here, on the home page, and also on Blogger - VirtualGuidebooks.BlogSpot.com.

My plan is to use the blog for several things.

• To alert my regular visitors when new panoramas have been added to the site. The new ones tend to get lost amongst the huge number already on the site.

• To tell you about my travels, which will usually include a few preview images. It often takes me as much as a year to finish the panos from a major trip and get them all on the site.

• To present more information about areas that I have featured on the site. This will include history, geography, and links to books, movies, and websites.

• To announce new projects, such as my plan to sell fine art prints of my panoramas.

I welcome feedback - email me: dbain@virtualguidebooks.com

Don Bain

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