Virtual Guidebook to Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur and Central Coast
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
on the Big Sur coast California

Four miles of coastline and the mountainsides above all the way up to the national forest are protected in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. The center of the park is marked by a massive landslide that closed the coast highway for most of a year.

The most famous sight in this park, and perhaps on the entire California coast, is Waterfall Cove, where tiny, but year-round, McWay Falls drops free onto an inaccessible beach.

The viewpoint is on the site of the Lathrop Brown house, which was demolished when they gave the property to the state, asking that it be named for their friend pioneer Julia Pfeiffer-Burns. Non-native vegetation, including palm trees, planted by the Browns is gradually being removed.


Waterfall Cove at sunset, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

(January 9, 2006)

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